Better Integrated Tax Management in South Africa

Better Integrated Tax Management in South Africa

An integrated tax platform that helps companies to manage their entire tax process

All over the world and in South Africa, tax authorities are improving their analytical capability to clamp down on compliance. The risks associated with manual processes, spread sheets and only spot checks is not enough. The tax function of the future is automated and runs their own analytical checks to ensure compliance. Konsise automates the three core elements essential in building the tax function of the future: Automating Tax Workflow and using Robotics to automate VAT calculations and Analytics.

Konsise Tax Workflow Management helps companies to manage and track the progress of all tax return submissions, payments, and SARS requests on one solution. It includes summary reports, deadline reminders, storage of supporting documents as well as integrated review and sign-off capability. With unique bi-directional integration to SARS eFiling Konsise enables you to submit directly as well as download all SARS correspondence, including SARS audits and verification requests directly within the Konsise platform.

Automate VAT submissions and compliance checks

Konsise VAT Determination saves time, improves accuracy, and reduces the need for extracts and spreadsheets by automating the calculation and completion of your monthly VAT201 and submitting it directly to eFiling.

Take a proactive approach to ensuring VAT compliance. The VAT analytics solution uses robotics to check every single GL transaction against pre-defined queries for compliance with the VAT Act and generates VAT exceptions to make the checking of compliance quick and easy.