CogniPoint Workspace Occupancy Sensor

CogniPoint Workspace Occupancy Sensor

Cutting-Edge Workspace Sensing Technology

CogniPoint™ workspace occupancy sensor are brought to you by Cataly5t, a member of the SurTech Group of Companies.

The CogniPoint™ sensing platform is a groundbreaking, field-proven solution that provides a cornerstone for the flexible workplace by sensing and processing occupancy data that is enriched and highly accurate, all while protecting privacy.

The CogniPoint™ sensing platform is comprised of highly intelligent workspace occupancy sensors and a cloud management system. The workspace sensors are installed in the ceiling and monitor pre-defined “Areas of Interest.” The sensors detect people’s presence, locations and numbers, and send analytics data to the CogniPoint Management System over a secure, encrypted network connection.

The CogniPoint™ Management System then reports this highly accurate, real-time analytics data to integrated 3rd-party building systems, which use it for various purposes, from building systems monitoring and control to space analysis and planning

Large Detection Area

The CogniPoint™ sensor is designed to cover large spaces; one unit can cover up to 48 square meters (or 520 square feet).

Multiple Areas of Interest

The CogniPoint™ sensor can cover several defined areas of interest and report the occupancy for each area separately. This feature is useful for hot-desking applications where counting granularity is required.

Sensor Stitching

The CogniPoint™ sensing platform supports sensor stitching. Areas of interest can be defined across several sensors and each area will be reported once. This is useful for cases where a large space can only be covered by several sensors (e.g. a large meeting room), or cases where the area of interest (e.g. a desk) is placed on the border of two or more sensors.

Traffic Lines

The CogniPoint™ sensor can be configured to detect and count bi-directional movement over a specific virtual line.

Flexible Connection

The CogniPoint™ sensor can be configured to connect to the cloud using LAN, POE or WiFi.