Who is SurTech

The SurTech Group of Companies are the distributors of various niche software solutions and platforms such as CogniPoint, HighBond by Galvanize, Konsise, Mapiq and Metrikus .

Whether you want insight into your organisations transaction data to ensure financial integrity and compliance, looking to detect or prevent fraud or want to take the next step towards workspace optimisation with smart sensing technology that improves your building or employee health, our tools are able to assist you to unlock the truth hidden in your data.

The 51% Black Female Ownership, demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment towards transformed economic development and empowerment whilst delivering tangible value to customers. The staff compliment of top quality individuals possess unique intellectual property and are client obsessed ensuring project is undertaken by members of our carefully selected team with unrivalled knowledge in all facets of the governance, risk, finance and compliance processes. Each team member plays an active role in the management of the overall engagement, removing complexities and meeting the various project phase objectives to ensure optimal delivery and client satisfaction.